Aeron Performance Testing Guide
on Google Cloud


Aeron Performance Testing Guide
on Google Cloud



Step-by-step guide to benchmarking Aeron in your Google Cloud environment

  • Everything you need to run Aeron Open Source performance benchmarks
  • Step by step instructions and configurations
  • Detailed latency and throughput test results and analysis
  • Why you should test Aeron performance
  • Further testing resources
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Further reading

Aeron Performance on Google Cloud

To support our clients’ speed and performance requirements, we tested our messaging & clustering technology Aeron on Google Cloud instances to prove the speed and resilience that can be achieved for low-latency, high-throughput trading systems in the cloud.

We ran performance tests for both, open-source Aeron as well as Aeron Premium. They differ in how they access the network card; Open-source Aeron uses BSD sockets, Aeron Premium uses DPDK.

Here is what we tested:

  • Aeron at its lowest level, using Aeron Transport to push network throughput and latencies to their extreme
  • Aeron Transport Security (ATS), an Aeron Premium component that uses industry-standard cryptography primitives
  • Aeron Cluster, to show the throughput and latency that a highly available system could achieve






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